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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fancy sewing: Colette Pastille dress

Can you believe it has taken me over 3 months to complete this sewing project? The main reason for this slow progress is due to sheer laziness, the other reason is because I handstitched quite a few components of this dress. I was inspired by the idea of couture clothing, and wanted to create something that is not only well fitted but something that will last you for years to come.

The Colette Pastille dress was actually quite difficult to make, the instructions were not readily available. I had to google stuff like how to do a knife pleat and had a redo the sleeves because I wasn't sure what I needed to do. To be honest, I didn't think I'll have a dress to show in the end, especially after reading about all the problems people have encountered when sewing and fitting this dress.

With all issues aside, I'm actually really happy with the result. Apart from the barely noticeable bulk at the back, everything about the dress is perfect. I'm glad I took the extra time to do the hand-stitching and will definitely do this extra step in all my future sewing projects.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fancy sewing: Cactus top {part two}

As a result of the over-indulgence on Christmas Day, Boxing Day turned out to be a super productive day in the Fancy headquarter. The sewing fairy must be on my side as this top turned out perfectly. Even though I was using the less than easy to understand BurdaStyle instructions as my guide it only took me less than 3 hours to put together. I love the idea of designing your own fabric and turning it into something which you can love and treasure. This top will no doubt be on high rotation in my summer wardrobe. 

You can read about part one of my cactus top sewing adventure here.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Fancy sewing: Cactus top {part one}

My custom print from Spoonflower arrived the other day. It came a lot quicker than expected, which was a big bonus. The fabric ordered was the organic cotton voile and it is absolutely beautiful. The pattern came out a lot bigger than intended which was totally my fault. I was rushing and didn't read the fine print properly. For future references, unless specified, the default DPI for Spoonflower is 150, so if you were to design your pattern in Illustrator with a 300dpi resolution, your design will come out double the size as your original. 

In this instance however, I would definitely classify this as a happy accident, I love how bold the design end up being, and think it would be great to turn it into a little shift dress or pleated skirt if I have more fabric available.

Since I have only ordered a yard of it, a little top will have to do. This is also the first time I am trying out the BurdaStyle Print at Home patterns. It is a pretty neat concept, you buy the pattern, print the PDF at home and join the pieces of A4 together to create the dress pattern. I don't think it is a good idea for complicated patterns as it uses a lot of paper and can be a pain joining up the different pieces together. But for basic tops such as this one, it is quite convenient. This top consist of two layers, so I am thinking of getting a light blue or lemon cotton voile to go underneath, but will probably change my mind when I visit the fabric shop.

To be honest, I'm not totally sure whether this print will go with this top. What do you think? Do you think I have picked the right design? What would you do with this fabric?

Friday, November 2, 2012

Fancy sewing: Fruity tutti dress

Spent Saturday afternoon finishing this fruity tutti dress. Was so happy with the result that I wore it twice in a row over the next two days. The pattern I've used was the V8555 from the Vogue Easy Options range. Am starting to understand the importance of lining even though it meant taking twice as long to finish a project. Really loving the abstract floral fabric, however am now contemplating on investing in better fabric now that I'm more confident with my sewing. Didn't have to make any alterations to the pattern apart from trimming 2.5 inches off the hem. Pretty confident that I'll be making a different version of this dress in the very near future.

Happy Friday everyone!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fancy sewing: Not a polka dot dress

No excuses, I have been a lazy blogger. Can't promise when regular blogging will resume, but in the meantime, I'll share with you my latest sewing project. This pattern (Vogue V8664) was bought from the Vogue online sale last month. To be honest, I wasn't too impressed when I saw it on the internet. I was looking for some work appropriate patterns and didn't really pay much attention to it when I bought it online. The drawings on the packet was not at all inspiring, however this is definitely a prime example of why one should never judge a book by its cover.

This dress is perfect! It is not at all boring like I imagined. The dress has a bit of a 50's feel to it, it hugs the body at all the right places and is super comfortable to wear. The dress was very easy to make, it took me 3 weekends to make but if you were to add up the hours, it probably took less than a day all together. Although you can't see it while it is worn, I have added a bright blue lining to the dress which I think has made it just that little bit more special. I can't wait to wear it to work tomorrow and am already planning my next project using the same pattern.

On a side note, I have just joined instagram, it is quite addictive! My username is "forgottenfancies", what's yours? Do leave a comment and I would love to follow you.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Fancy sewing: Yellow polka dot dress

What is your favourite colour? Mine is yellow. My eyes are always drawn to anything yellow. It is such a mood enhancer. If yellow is a person, I would totally run away with her and have the most fantastical time.

Since we are talking about yellow, here is a small fact about me. I often think in yellow, it is the only way for me to understand complex ideas. I would break a concept down into small portions and categorise them into yellow boxes. Once I have break everything down, I would then rearrange the little boxes in my head and most often everything would become clear again. Sounds like a lot of work but it is truly quite fun!

This dress was based on a 1960s pattern by Simplicity. It was a very easy dress to make. I think I've made it half a size too small, but it is still very comfortable so I'm not complaining much. I love teaming this yellow polka dot dress with my polka dot tights. Some people might think that it might be a bit of an overload, but surely who doesn't love a bit of polka dots?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sewing fancy: Sweet as pie dress

Finally made a dress on the weekend, it was a super easy pattern from the Burdastyle magazine. I needed an easy win after the many sewing disasters I've had lately. The only alteration I've made was to extend the hem line by 5cm so it sits just above my knees. Slowly feeling a bit more confident with my sewing ability, really tempted to find a sewing class or circle to join to keep the motivation going. Any recommendations would be much appreciated. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sewing fancy: Miso edition

Started a new sewing project on the weekend, I'm making a shirt for Mat. It is my first foray into menswear, a bit intimidating as I know very little about men's clothes, have never sewn a button hole before and never really made anything for other people before. Expectations are high, Mat is already planning on his second order. 

Luckily, I have my trusty sewing assistant on my side.
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Monday, February 13, 2012

Sewing fancy: Colette meringue skirt

My  Colette Sewing Handbook  arrived the other day and I thought I'll try making my own meringue skirt. The scallop edge is a lot easier than I thought, the only problem I encountered was accidentally cutting off some of the stitchings while grading the hem seams. I'll try not to be so clumsy next time. The fit was perfect, I didn't have to alter it in anyway, can definitely se myself sewing a couple more in the near future.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sewing fancy: you had me with jam dress

My second handmade dress for the year. This one is  dress 109  from issue 6/2010 of Burda Style magazine. The pattern asked for a jersey material, but being a rebel that I am, I opted for cotton instead. (As a novice sewer, I'm just too scare to use a stretch material!) I was really concerned as I was making it thinking the dress will be too tight with a non-stretchy fabric, but it turned out quite alright, it was super quick to make and everything seems to fit perfectly. YAY!

I'm not sure whether you can see the pattern on the dress, it is made of rows and rows of jams. How cute is that? I love patterns where you can't really tell what is it until you look at it close up. Now I'll just have to make some jam while wearing the dress.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Polka dots heaven

I made this 50s inspired dress on the weekend, can't believe this is is the first dress I've made in over a year! Like a proud mum, I took it out for a walk the moment it was finished, even got a number of looks and compliments along the way. I have forgotten how satisfying it is too make your own dresses, will need to make more in the near future.

I got the pattern from issue 5/2011 of the Burda Style magazine, the dress style is 128 which you can purchase from the  Burda Style website 

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy new years eve

Happy new years eve
What are your plans for New Years eve? We are going out to see the kiddies fireworks and coming back home for lots of champagne and cocktails. I made this skirt today for our low key celebration. Mat thinks the pattern clashes, but I think it is really cute. What do you think?
This year went really quickly for me, was it for you too? It was filled to the brim with interesting activities. I bought a new home with Mat which I LOVE, started this blog, started freelancing, went camping for the first time and got myself a new job which I am starting in a few days time.
I wonder what 2011 will bring. I guess I'll just have to hang on tight and find out. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments in the past and I wish you all a very happy and safe new year.
See you in 2011!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pink stripy dress

Pink stripy dress
I took a few days off work last week and thought I'd make a new dress to waste some time. The material is a very lightweight cotton with silver threads running through it and I've bind the neckline and sleeve with silver ribbons. It's a very simple dress, but I love it to death. Too bad it is approaching winter here, or else I'll be wearing it everywhere. 
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